Phi Med Europe – NerveCheck Master

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NerveCheck Master is a Quantitative Sensory Testing medical device used for detecting
and characterizing sensory thresholds of small and large nerve fibres through
the performance of 4 different tests: Vibration, Cold, Warm and Heat Pain test.

NerveCheck Master can also be used in monitoring the treatment of the patient.

At the end of every test, the software will quantify the patient’s sensory threshold,
analyze the responses given and the test results will be stored with the patient’s data.
Immediately after completion, the test result will be shown on the screen.

Sites to be tested on the patient:
For evaluation of neuropathy, favourable skin sites are the following.
Other sites may be chosen depending on the purpose of the study.

Vibration Testing:
Foot: toes of both feet can be tested.

Thermal Testing:
Foot: both feet area can be tested

This device is recommended to be operated by physicians, general practitioners of Health or by trained personnel under the direction of a physician.

Safety and Regulatory Summary
NerveCheck Master and its disposables comply with the requirements of the European Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC and its transposition into Spanish law.